i finished writing a really nice entry, which proceeded to lock up the damn computer. i'll paraphrase, but don't have the gusto for the original.

Firstly, i've created a new blog @ Tex's Luavull Garden. i do more and more gardening, so i decided to diversify. this also got me thinking abt priority of interests, something the good Missus and i were discussing the other day. my interests are as follows:

#1 Family- the boys- Z and L- are great. they are 50% me, only much better. and the Missus, M, is very noble to endure my 15 years of shit. kuddos to her.

#2 Cycling idealized- those of you few folks who've read my site understand that i have WAY MORE BIKES than i need. But damn they're great. i love the idea of sustainabilty. of freedom. of a car-free environment. of the...yes, freedom of it all. it's just that i don't always act out the Ideology of it.

#3 Gardening- i love it. i need it. it's now part of what i do.

#4 TIE- Music and Cycling- i love Music. i listen to it. we have something like 1,500 CDs here- classical, jazz, grunge, classic rock, folk, alt, alt-country, country. we have it all. and we still sing in the church choir continuing the fact that i've sung officially in choirs since 7th grade. But cycling is there too. i've done that "officially" since the early days. i really did mileage my senior year of high school, and more so in college. i wish i did it more, but i've put myself in a position to commute, and my urban thing is what gives me strenght. yes, country miles on empty road is great, but the bike as TRANSPORTATION is the future, and the lack if it is the demise of the bike in this country

#6 i've had enough wine tonight to not remember what #6 and on is/are.

i'll revisit this entry late...and more clearheaded. the original was better, but the techno-gremlins threw a spanner in the works.


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