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this is a recovered post. Netscape has been locking up on me lately, so i've switched, unfortunately, to Explorer for the moment. although i paraphrased this in the follow up, i figure since i wrote the damn thing, i'm posting it!

i just started a Garden Blog @ Tex's Luavull Garden. this cycling blog will contain only cycling stuff. the other will stuff. enjoy all.

oh, i was thinking the other day abt how i would rank my interestslist:

#1 family- good folks. gotta do right by 'em. trying to inculcate the boys into the ways of bikes and sports and tennis and esp. L with gardening. let's hope they grow up productive and courteous. and the good Missus has endured a lot. thanks.

#2 the essence of cycling- for those few who have read my cycling blog, you may recognize that i have too many bikes and ride too few miles to justify them. i really idiolize the idea of cyling. the idea of commuting. the idea of cycling sufficiency. the idea of a life without the deathbox. it's just that my actions and ideals sometimes correspond and sometimes not.

#3 gardening- i've grown to love it and to need it. it's my expression of the outside world. the more i do it the more i want to do it. the more i want to create both a spectacular flower garden, but also raised veggie beds filled with (mostly) organic foods that are tasty, good for you, and reasonably safe from chemicals like what's found in the store.

#4 TIE- Music and Cycling- i love the idea of cycling, and really like cycling as an activity. it's just that my participation in it ebbs and flows. big months on. big months off. Music, on the other hand, is a constant. i have to listen to it, and sometimes sing. the ideal would be to sing it more and better. that's tough with only a marginal amount of talent.

#6 Spanish- i teach it. i'm good at it. i've really improved since college. i've been to Spain 5-6 times, Costa Rica 2x, and Mexico 1x. i like it and pride myself that people's sons and daughters are in a classroom with a compotent professional.

#7 Professional cycling. i bought a Renault-Elf cycling hat abt 1983. i followed Greg's first win (if you don't know who Greg is, then please educate yourself). i have a poster from Winning magazine of Andy's '87 tour, which is the one after his second Tour of Switzerland win. i love it, Lance be damned. i love 7-11, Motorola, Indurain, Lance, George, Disco, Paris-Roubaix, the Ronde VanVlaanderen (sp?), Eddy freakin' Merckx, the list goes on. is the place to start. there are others, but that's the greatest single source. and P-R is coming this Sunday. Praise be to OLN as well. however lacking their coverage is, we're a LONG WAY from finding the results to P-R 2 months later in Velonews. i'll settle down this Sunday @ 3.00 or whatever to watch le'Enfer du Nord live. Go George!!!!!!

let's see, crumbs include UK basketball, tennis i guess. i coach it and i enjoy it, but it's way behind cycling and gardening. books. Faulkner. Beethoven's 9th. Carmicheal's Bookstore- that's where the Missus works, and owner Micheal Boggs has great taste in fiction, good wine- i have assloads of Italian Chianti and Brunello at the moment, friends.

i'm done. bikes here. plants there.


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