Early Morning Sun

Date: April 9
Mileage: 17
Ride type: Fixie Road
Bike: 9.2.5
Temp: 35 p.m.
April mileage: 37
Year to date: 462

after a despondent march, and a less than (bike) active april, i decided to change tack and got up first thing this a.m. for a ride before church. i knew i had lots of crap on my plate for later, so if i could just get out and get moving i would be fine this a.m. i took the 9.2.5 out again, finishing the package with my black Chucks. don't know why but they're quite comfortable on the fixie, so i'll continue to wear them until otherwise. the most UNcomfortable thing on the fixie is still my hands. they ache from the weird, notyetdialedin position. nonetheless i head out, doodled around and finally went north on an empty Bardstown road towards the river. i've always like to ride B'town, especially went it's empty. once downtown, i headed across Washington, a quaint little, VERY old street that will be heavily butchered by the reconstruction of 'spaghetti junction'. the sun came into view going back toward s home, as it was just up on the eastern horizon and directly in my eyes. i was constantly afraid of running a light b/c i could see nad really couldn't stop that well on the fixie.

it felt great to finally get a good ride in. my plan is to get myself very setup for the mornings, recharged lights and all, and get an hour in every (most :-) ) mornings before school. a noble achievement, but something i must do. i'm as or fatter than ever, and it's due to inactivity- the irony of coaching a sport where THEY are running, while i "coach".


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