man i'm BUMMED. when i left for church at 9.30 (had to sing this a.m. i try to go sparingly, but am willing to morally support the fam, as i should) i briefly looked at's live coverage of PR '06. to my elation i see that there was a group of 10-14 favorites a minute ahead of the chase. in this group was Big Tom Boonen, Cancellara and PVP, but to my joy i see Georgie Hincapie AND Hoste and Gusev. Disco had FINALLY gotten one over on Boonen's and Levevre's QuickStep brigade. i spent several instances at church imagining George's victory, one that he's deserved and worked toward for year.

and to my COMPLETE and UTTER DISMAY, i come home to find out that George has crashed out with a broken bike and a couple injuries, and that Disco's 2nd and 4th were disqualified for a train stop. from the BEST American PR '06 situation ever to one of the most disheartening.

ya' think Trek is feeling like Mierda with one of their space-age carbons in pieces right at the critical moment?

Terrible Day. as much as i've enjoyed Greg's 3 and 2 Worlds, Lance's 7 (freakin' 7!!) and 1 World, Andy's Giro, Tyler's LBL...this win would be the greatest American win ever.



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