More 9.2.5

Date: April 5
Mileage: 5
Ride type: 'Hood creep
Bike: 9.2.5
Temp: 55 p.m.
April mileage: 20
Year to date: 445

i tried updating this last night (this morning) abt 1.00, but stupid computer locked up.

after putting in 2+ miles with the boys on a leasurely family ride, i went back out on the 9.2.5. last night. i rode to choir practice abt 6.00 on the fixie, just a 2m flat ride through the 'hood. after choir the crew decided to convene at a local watering hole, so i scooted over to my mom's house and stored the bike- she lives pretty close- and then went "watering". afterwards i ended up yakking with my mom for a while, bringing me to a return commute at midnight. so, here i am on the fixie, no helmet, no lights, no reflection, Nothing! the ride was uneventful, but fun. i think it's easy to get too encumbered with our riding rituals- clothes, shoes, helmets, gloves. and i'm entirely guilty, esp. commuting b/c that entails even more extra crap.

early impressions of the 9.2.5. are as such.

#1 starts are interesting. in fact, i've taken to doing them cross style and just jumping on and finding the pedals. in a normal start, you push one crankarm down and coast until situated. on a fixie, that next crank arm has already escaped to another weird position.

#2 the biggest difficulty, by far, are minor little adjustments that you take while coasting, but never realize you're coasting. a hole or bump in the road created a situation where you coast to better think abt what you're doing. on a fixie, you barrel on. this esp happens preparing for stops. you just want to coast in the driveway, but instead HAVE to slow down somehow.

#3 i've taken mostly flat routes, but i can see the comfort level on hills rising pretty fast as long as they aren't HILLS.

#4 backpedalling- or back pressure- to brake is effective, and i find myself using that more and more, even at this early stage. this bike came with two sets of brakes; many fixies have 1 front brake or none. i like having two right now, but can see the "aesthetic" appeal of fewer.

#5 my ass hurts, as i haven't dialed in the appropriate saddle fore/aft etc. position yet. i'll get there.

it's rainy today, but i'm getting out this afternoon, preferably on the old, beattohell Trek. either it will take the abuse, or will just fall apart and i'll move on.


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