Teenage Riot

Date: May 23
Mileage: 19
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 78 and sunny
May mileage: 62
Year to date: 565

well, before I get started i want to express that it's weird that my blog wouldn't open, so i had to go through my garden blog, which i haven't kept up at all.

today was another nice day, which slightly warmer temps in the p.m. i again got crackin' pretty quickly, although I didn't add much mileage. i need to get into work and get the year finalized. the p.m. proved a little more interesting b/c i head almost straight downtown, first passing St. James Court, which has it's famousArt Show every spring. It's a short (1/4mile?) court with large, elegant Victorian houses on either side. Furthermore, St. James is part of "Old Louisville", which supposedly is most preserved/largest Victorian neighborhood is the country. it's an interesting mix of UL student ghetto, well-heeled professionals, and- let's face it- "urban" meaning not well-to-do residents. It's really an interesting place.

anyway, i headed straight into downtown and came back along our only "bike path", into Seneca and home, taking in a few hills as well. On the last one, I died. plain and simple. nuff said. picked up a roadie pretty close to the house, giving me a pick up.

the title refers, for those who have impeccable musical tastes, a famous Sonic Youth song. especially in the mornings I listen to my Rio mp3 player, but usually don't in the p.m. so i can better pay attention to traffic. today, i did listen. ultimately it cuts me off of one of those sensorial pleasures of riding. the other sensorial pleasure i meant to mention the other day was the HONEYSUCKLE. it's in bloom and you can ride through wafts of it here-n-there. good stuff and another good reason to ride.

i have to leave tomorrow afternoon, so the mileage will have to come after Saturday. but let's hope i'm back on the horse.


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