Phillipe Gilbert

Cyclesport's "Tour de France" preview issue predicted that today's stage winner might be Phillipe Gilbert, a good allrounder who can get over a climb and sprint too. in today's boistrous stage to Gap, Gilbert in fact finished 156th, last, and lost 32.00 to the winner. i assume he wrecked or had a mechanical, b/c he is a decent rider. but a little humorous irony there.

exciting stage, with the Discos doing major work late in the stage to set up George for a small peloton sprint. didn't work but good to see them active. also , unbeknowst Christian Vandevelde left the peloton late and almost caught the leading two. they were announcing Schleck- for obvious reasons of class- but it would've been supercool to see Christian get the surprise win. didn't happen though.

things get much more interesting with Tuesday's stage: Iseran, Lauteret, and Alpe d'Huez. good stuff there. hope Floyd has the goods.


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