2nd day

Date: Aug 12
Mileage: 17 (+2m a.m. walk)
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 85 and pleasant
August mileage: 99
Year to date: 1127

couldn't really think of a good title today, but boy did i have a good walk this a.m. 65, clear sky, low humidity! i went out on the 1mile trip, but extended another mile before getting ready for work. damn fine weather. i really like taking a little time for myself to do this virtually-nothing activity. walk, breath, step, occassionally look at bunny tree or bat. very relaxing, especially in near perfect weather.

the ride was good too. every other day i start with my 'planning period'. therefore not the pressure of the kids immediately. actually we had homeroom, so i did have kids immediately, but i took the 8mile route, taking in Cherokee Pk and the oftenmentioned golf course hill. with the crisper, less-humid temps, it was a great ride into school today too. i noodled around this p.m., every preparing to go longer, but every edging closer to home. feeling the tiredness of the first week. got in 17 total and had a pleasant, agression-free commuting experience. can't complain at all.


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