Un Buen Aniversario

i didn't notice but i missed my 1-year blog anniversary. i did my first blog last yr. on the 21st. interesting that the weather was about the same, mid-to-upper 80s. that week i did a couple shorter rides and a long one with 'lance'. i did an entry abt helmet-mount mirrors, one of which i used for a while until it broke. i was just talking to 'lance' the other day abt getting another one. did the KY State Fair that Saturday the 27th. looks like this yr. i'll miss it unless i get drafted tomorrow. last yr, the following week Katrina hit. Yikes!

on a different note, received my latest Rivendell Reader a couple days ago. good stuff as usual. there's a depressing article in the back by one of my favs Maynard Hershon. a good writer and seemingly a good guy. traffic scared him off the road for a good while, and this is from a guy who seems like he has done some serious mileage in his time. he makes some other interesting observations about the "Fuck You!" kind of attitude out there, which makes for some dangerous, callous drivers. i don't have too many probs, but our "IMeMine-EachManisanIsland" culture we live in doesn't make it too easy to feel the love from our fellow road users. he might be moving. that's a pretty drastic step, to have to move your damn home just for a bit o' peace. that's terrible, when you think about it.

i've done a year of these things, and the best that i can tell, maybe 5 people ever read. that's pretty stupid, isn't it? and one of those 5 is my wife who mostly reads to see if i've written anything inane or obscenely incorrect. i guess it's my version of a diary, though. i can read a post from 1 year ago and remember details about the day that aren't necessarily written or recorded. so, it may be of little consequence to others, but i like it, and that's all that matters. buenas noches


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