Date: Aug 28
Mileage: 16
Ride type: Commute
Bike: fixie
Temp: 85 Rain
August mileage: 227
Year to date: 1252

the only real note of today's commute was that i ran into rain both going and returning. it had rained quite a bit last night, but this a.m. i wanted to stay on task and get the ride in, dampness or not. it turned out well b/c i only experienced a minor shower. i then worked half the day with no air-conditioning. try that in teacher clothes with 90% humidity. charming. the trip home was bizarre, in that the sky was quite bright and normal, but filled with heavy raindrops. i rode the fixie b/c it had been setup from friday, and it's a good rain bike with fenders, 30C tires and unimportant components herenthere.

a good note from the local bikelist: i'm not sure i want my 'bent riding venturing into that territory.


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