I hate to jog

but i did so today. i felt like crap this a.m.- throat ick, drainage, you know, that kind of thing- so i didn't ride. i drove and stopped and had a large 'Americano' w/an extra shot from Valhalla, oh oops, Sunergos. when i came home, i knew i wanted to do something active, so i talked Z into jogging w/ me. he's been putting in some jog time in P.E. i think his is one of the few schools that still offers P.E. amidst the endless stream of testing and ASSessment these days. you tell me, which is more important, a damn math test or an hour of regular P.E. for every (fat)kid in the US. i know education is important; i'm a teacher and a pretty damn good one, but w/our engordacion prob in this (waste)land of the free (yes, i heard the Iris Dement song today), i'll take my kid getting the extra PE over yet another test any day.

anyway, we jogged for 20min, and then i went 10min further. 32min total for me. mileage? don't really give a shit. it was great, though, to be able to go out and much better enjoy those unpleasant 20min w/Z instead of me mired in my own pathetic condition any day.

Date: August 29
Minutes jogged: 32.00


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