Mr. Doubleline

Date: Aug 30
Mileage: 14
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 75 muggy
August mileage: 241
Year to date: 1266

very typical commute today. on the LHT again. i'm having the same problem as Pete, an annoying 'tic' in the bottom bracket/chain/chainring area. i almost had it inspected Saturday, but didn't quite pull that off. i would like to leave it over the holiday weekend b/c i won't be around to commute; i can ride one of the other bikes. we'll see.

the title refers to the only person who gunned it past me all day. traffic was well-behaved this a.m. this p.m., i hear the tale-tell (??) sounds of the ROARING engine right behind me. "oo, i'm in such a FUCKING hurry to get there 25 seconds early." lo and behold what passed me was a Ford Crown Vic with a bunch of shit in the back window. A cop. i know Johnnie Law is there to protect us, but dayinanddayout, they're some of the worst law breaker- traffic that is- around. use a turn signal. don't run the red light. slow the fuck down on the highway. and for Christ's sake don't go over the double yellow just to get around some cyclist. oh, and he turned maybe a quarter mile down the road. Ass clown.


Pete said…
At least he moved over to pass.

Good luck figuring out your annoying tic.

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