Short...and Adequate

Date: Aug 31
Mileage: 4
Ride type: Errand
Bike: fixie
Temp: 77 muggy
August mileage: 245
Year to date: 1270

didn't ride this morning. frankly, it was the confluence of a variety of factors. allow me to make excuses:

first was that we attended this month's Waterfront Wednesdays. that is our local public radio's live concert series on the vaunted Ohio River. this month's bill included some local guys, Scott Miller and the Commonwealth, and Old Crow Medicine Show. i had heard that these events were becoming "It" events, which means all the present and former fratboys/sororitygirls who show up, try to look pretty, and generally permeate an unctious boorish being. we went for Scott Miller, who we've seen both in his V-Roys days and as a solo guy now. most of the crowd, though, came for Old Crow. apparently they've developed a substantial fanbase by means of playing mediocre "string band" music, which means the music may not be mediocre, but they are. maybe i'm a snob, but the fiddle player was under the pitch all through the first song. that means he may be oozing "style" and "skill" to the dirty hippies and frat types, but to me relatively good musical ears, he doesn't really know shit. well, more than me, but i'm not a nascent rock star. as ever, i don't understand the hype.

secondly, i had beer AND a couple shots of whiskey at the show. i don't drink much of the brown stuff, but some friends there had some and, Hey, if they're offering. the hard stuff has a way of knackering me in a way that beer doesn't.

thirdly i had a 7.10 meeting this a.m. and a quiz to write. just not enough time to haul myself out of bed, get my shit together and meet too. not gonna happen.

this p.m. i endeavoured to vindicate myself a bit by running up to Kinko's, Krogers, and the Post Office on the fixie. 2 2mile round trips on bike instead of in car. i'm now at a point in the blog when i can start comparing miles from last year to this. i have a feeling i did more miles last August b/c i took more 2hr rides with 'lance'. guess that's what september will be for.


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