Not a banner way to start the holiday break, at least, the first "official" day after the weekend. We had a very nice Xmas concert last night, one in which I didn't screw up my solo too much. After the concert we traditionally have a tasting party with tables upon tables of goodies to feast on. I was too interested in the sweets so instead ate numerous party sandwiches. At some point I noticed being a little (lot) on the full side but ate a bit more and Lo and Behold the ticker started flopping. Damn!

I took a flecainide at 8.00 hoping that it would do the trick. Alas, it was still bumping around when we went to the after-party, where I had 2 small glasses of wine, although I know that isn't the best course of action with Afib. The way we treat ourselves. Once home I hit the bed and assumed that it would go away.

Which it didn't. I woke up at 7.30 with it still flopping away.  I took another pill around 8.00 and then proceeded to waste the day lounging, lethargic, and blah! A long Afib episode takes it out of me and makes me feel quite tired, so today was nothing but that. The couch. The TV. A nap. More.

Tomorrow will be better! Right!?!


Laura said…
Tomorrow will be better. (Unless you do what you did last night again tonight.) Did your afib eventually stop sometime today?

I'm sympathetic. At my annual cardio checkup last week, the doc was somewhat concerned that I get out of breath going up stairs carrying all my school gear in the morning. He said it was probably nothing, but wants me to have an extra echocardiogram next week just to be sure. I said I thought it was just that I haven't exercised since finishing my 1000-lap swim in August. He said he understood. It's helpful having a cardiologist who also struggles with his weight and such. At least he knows I know what I'm supposed to do, even if I don't do it...

Good luck. At least you're on break, right?
Apertome said…
Sounds crappy. I hope you are feeling better. I'm on break too, but I'm in a fun position where "Hooray! Time off school!" really means I get to work, instead. I haven't ridden yet.
Ah heart stuff. I have a 14 year old dog that I'm racing to the finish line.

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