Many Turn 'Ville Ramble

The boys met at 7.00 for a Louisville neighborhood ramble, designed by me to fulfill several goals. I wanted miles. I wanted easy miles. And finally, I wanted to see some new roads without excessive travel. Dave, Asher and Patrick were kind enough to join in for an early Sunday, "pre-life" ride. Generally the mileage was unremarkable but very pleasant. Dave and I rode singlespeeds, Asher his road bike which turned into a SS due to a broken rear mech cable, and Patrick on his AHH. Our path took us through Hikes Point and down into Fern Creek via some neighborhoods. At some point in FC Asher peeled off to head for church, but the remainders crossed the Snyder on Seatonville Rd., one of the few traffic-laden roads of the day. From there we worked west on some semi-country roads which were nice and empty- and COLD- before turning north into Okolona. We ventured across Jefferson Mall safely; thankfully it was closed, and then touched the Newburg area before passing by Male HS and under the Watterson into Camp Taylor. By this time I was pretty cooked but having a great time, especially after the crud of he past few weeks, much less the truncated gravel ride last week. We pulled into the Loop just barely short of 40 miles, although I had an extra 3 due to commuting to and from the Loop. I'm thankful the guys were willing to meet up and take in a somewhat goofy course, but I think everyone enjoyed such a Sunday morning activity, even with the cold. Perhaps now I can enjoy 2 wheels a bit during the holidays.

And I think my phone doesn't like to take pics in the cold. These are even weirder than the ones yesterday.

Old church off Preston Hwy near the airport
Pat needing a foot correction after suffering yet more cold toes.

Dave, Raleigh and AHH

QB in all its pixilated glory


Kokorozashi said…
Heh, weird -- the pix look a bit like old Kodachrome-type shots from my family's enormous collection of photos from before I was born. I actually kinda like the effect!

I really enjoyed as much of the ride this AM as I got to do -- it was really pleasant, and exploring some new turf is always good.

Also, the QB is *gorgeous.* I love the way the paint sort of glows under the lights before dawn.

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