I'm amazed at how long it takes to whittle down a few pounds and how easily they jump right back on. January was great for loss. From January 3rd to January 31st I love just short of 10lbs. February has been very unkind. Or really, I've been unkind to myself. Back to work.


It gets worse as we age. Every time I actively work on losing weight. I gain in the end. If I keep exercising and dieting like this I'll be at 250 lickity split.
Dude, you gotta check out Gary Taubes. It is time.
Tex69 said…
I did. Highly intriguing. You still staying the course? I'm interested in an update. SOMEbody's got to be the guinea pig!
Tex69 said…
Oh, and @AMR, thanks for the optimism. =)
I am staying the course, mostly. I varied over the holidays and ate sweets and some bread. I gained back a bit but I have recommitted and it is coming back off. I am right at 220 which is about 30 pounds less than last January when I started. Considering that 2011 was a rather pathetic year for exercise, I am pleased. So far, 2012 has been a better year for exercise.
Tex69 said…
@KP sounds great. I lost 20 from Oct'10-March'11 and typically it all yo-yo'ed back on. As to exercise, I guess it matters a bit, but I'm beginning to think it's 90% diet and the exercise is a nice heart-healthy bonus.

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