No Action

No Action.

Weight is sort of plateaued, mostly because ice cream is so yummy.

A good cycling week last week but this one has blown.

Snow is a-comin', but on the weekend so no snow day.

Mood not flat, but Action is.

No Action.


Laura said…
This sounds sort of like a haiku -- not the typical form, but a short poem signifying much in few words. Hope the snow doesn't stick around.
David Crowell said…
Very little action on my part. I had a hang-over this morning from overindulgence. I did pedal my butt to work though.

The only riding I've been doing is for transportation. I'm hoping to at least get a coffee ride in this weekend. Are you up for it?
I'm volunteering to be the guinea pig for the Gary Taubes thing. I ordered the book today. I'll be in touch.
Tex69 said…
Think it's a great idea @MR. I tried to hit the proteins heavier in Jan and what happened? I lost 10. February has brought the return of the carb and what has happened? Gained 5lbs.

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