Life has been rather busy this week with soccer and meetings, so I spent no time on 2 wheels T or W unfortunately. Yesterday afternoon we had a brief window post-work and pre-meal, so while the wife ran an errand, I jumped on the mtbike and sprinted through a Cherokee loop, pushing myself at times and almost ending up in a 4-ft creek. Strava, as many of our cycling brethren now know, is what is it. I'm too "grounded" to the earth (i.e. fat) to set any speed records, what with all the anorexic whippet boys and girls, but I find that the site does a nice job of motivating myself against myself, especially on the Seneca/Cherokee mtbike trails. Last night I rode pretty hard and my results reflected that effort- 4 new PRs for me. Interesting, though, that some previous trail rides this past Spring or in '11, rides without the impetus of "ride hard for Strava!".  were within seconds of these groveled PRs.

I guess blithe fitness will do that for you. A good 50 minutes it was amid the flurry of family.



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