Mycyclinglog.com doesn't seem to be revving up tonight, so I need to keep my mileage here to transfer later.


  • Douglass Loop- 2m- For coffee. Actually I drove the first time but rode up the 2nd. It was that kind of morning.
  • Douglass Loop-3m- In the afternoon to meet M.Robinson to sell him the used Kinesis fork and headset. I threw in a 1" stem for good measure.
  • morning commute- 6m- Straightforward
  • afternoon commute- 7m- almost as straighforward. I was heading for a bit of mileage in the parks or on Beargrass Trail but I was tired and turned for home.
  • MVSC ride- 12.7m-'L' has practice on Mondays at 6, so as I've done a few other times, I rode for about 50min. Other nights I took the IF out for a 1hr time-trial. Tonight I used the BR and its dynolight to ride a steady, good tempo, ending with a 15.8avg, which is good for me. The Garmin wouldn't lock on at the start of the ride, so I estimate it at around 13m.


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