Sunday Training

A few of the boys and I went for a training ride yesterday morning. Nothing much more to it other than waiting for the skies to open on such a blustery day, but they never did. I would imagine our day felt like one of those standard 30mph "breezes" they feel in the Midwest, with lots of swirling headwind, but, boy, when you get going downwind like we did on Southern Parkway, it surely is fun at 22mph. Made me feel like a racer.

 Dave and Asher were game for a 47m loop which eventually became a 33m one due to a variety of factors, but that's alright. I make note here-10/14/12- I finally had a strong ride for the first time in forever. Well, I've had some other recent rides where I could stomp a bit. Yesterday I felt like I could attack the climbs a bit more. The fitness is slowly creeping back after a pretty anonymous Nov'11-Aug'12 run when I *never* felt strong and sometimes rather peaked. We'll see where it goes, but better than whining.



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