I dragged Dave out of his slumber on onto his Fargo for a mountain bike ride this morning. I wish I could do a play-by-play and capably paint the experience in images and words, but I can't. We had a great time carving the Waverly trails, which were designed like many in the Midwest to celebrate the concept of "flow". They're never too terribly hard, technical or assaultive, so the truly cool kids tend to grumble a bit at their sedate nature. But this "flow" also allows we mortals to grip it and rip it through the many banks, swoops, turns, bridges, berms and generally fun runs.

Waverly has three basic trails, Fresh Air which takes in the front portion of the park and includes a fun downhill as well as the toughest climb, Clinic Loop which is a varied trail with downhills, some roots and effectively links front and back, and Twisty Bends at the back, which as its name suggests is twisty with more technical features.
We took in part of Fresh Air, leaving out the more technical creek crossings and climb, bombed down the Clinic downhill, did TwistyBends, back up through Clinic and to the parking lot for a breather- I did another FreshAir segment- and then we bombed another ClinicLoop descent to finish out our day. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and think Dave did too. It was worth the extra drive (20min) and worth the change in scenary from the usual Cherokee/Seneca rooty, twisty routes.


Ah, Waverly. The site of many of my youthful indiscretions. Back before the neighborhood was built and there were many more trails.
Tex69 said…
@KYPhilo, don't know how well you know/knew that area, but my grandparents lived on James Hill Rd. which sort of butts up to the old Country Club. It had burned down by the time i was a kid, but I used to ride my bmx bike back on the old trails, and you're right that I remember doing trails which led up to Waverly hospital too. That all said, I'll take today's well-built ones over those rooty, rocky, washed-out moto/horse trails. In fact it's changed so much you can't really identify the horse trails now.

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