Warning: I'm still wallowing in an anti-miles state of being.

After working from 7-11 volunteering at the dauphin's soccer club tourney, I skipped his afternoon game- the horror!-, took a nap, and then hit the road for a chilly hour and change. I'm still miffed that I can't find my Garmin Edge500; it's small and has fallen behind something and will play hide and seek with me for a few more days. I looked for a while before knocking myself in the head to get moving and not dither, so I dressed and got going. My Precious had a flat, so I change the tube quickly and took her out for a quick roll. As is usually the case, the engine woke up a bit on the superbike. Yes, it is often *the bike* when on that very fresh set of wheels. Why don't I ride it more?!?!

 With no computer or HRM I just rode how I felt, warming up a bit with some flat spinning and then goosed it a bit more in the parks. I'm battling a chest cold, so after 35min I dialed it back a bit on the return loop, but still kept a spunky tempo. I'm not sure I can actually do a 12mph "scenary" ride on My Precious. As the sun lowered I took on a bit of chill with temps at around 60F- for me, tights weather- but kept a bit of pace to keep warm.  My Precious kept me motivated and I spun home with a final avg of 16.4, which is not too far off a "hard" ride when I actually try to ride fast. Food for thought, there.


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