My wife's bike philosophy

I think the wife is irritated with my bike doings in 2012. I went through a very long period of acquisition, but '12 has been a bit more of a "thin" the herd year. I sold the Redline SS and the Bleriot. I passed the Crosscheck down to the 13 yr-old. I tried my darndest to sell the Troll frame but to no avail; basically I did nothing more than spend $ to break it down and set it back up. Stupid, although I'm pleased with the front-load ride test of this past weekend. I bought the Rawland to replace the 650b Bleriot, so really the garage proper is only a net -1.

The intransigent low-trailer Jan Heine recently wrote an article that I find intriguing. I think the title says it all- "Ride the bike you have." Yes, he's in the bike selling biz, or at least the parts selling biz, but it's as good a take as any on the silliness of constantly churning through bikes when miles and happiness can be attained with what is already sitting on your doorstep.

I should take heed.

But first I need to adjust the bars on the Sogn a bit, maybe with some new tape.


Pondero said…
Striking a chord here.

I need to sell a couple of bikes, but finding a riding partner would be helpful.
David Crowell said…
Yeah... I understand.

I've bought three bikes this year, yet my riding is down.

Then again, the number of bikes is staying the same. I sold two, and gave away one.
Apertome said…
As usual, Jan's got something good to say, but it's kind of absurd at the same time. The "less than ideal" bike pictured is some crazy-ass rando bike, give me a break, he wasn't exactly suffering. But his point stands and is a good one to remember. Of course my riding has been way down this year too, but I have not had any real urges to get more gear, except in other areas (photo/video). The same lesson applies to those areas as well.

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