True Cycling Hero

Rapha pretty. Greg Hero.


Doug said…
Yes! So good to see Greg LeMond being celebrated again. Greg has always been my one and only Hero. I remember the first time I heard of him. It was 1977. I was at the beginning of my own short bicycle racing period. I was 9th grade and sitting in the school library reading a copy of Bicycling magazine in the fall. It had a story on Greg. He was two years older then me. It stated how Greg had won the Junior National Road Championship that summer as a first year Junior. This is after winning the Intermediate Boys National Championship the previous year. Fifteen years old and he was already a star. The summer of 1978 I made it to National Championships as an Intermediate Boy. After my race (I finished 13th) I got to watch the rest of the National Championship races. I saw Greg race for the first time. He finished second that year to future 7-11 rider Jeff Bradley. It was an amazing time in American racing and Greg was certainly the rising star. In the summer of 1979 I was a first year Junior and Greg was a last year Junior. I was at several races where he was at including the Wisconsin Milk Race, an American Stage race at the time. I should have been racing with Greg, but he was so good he raced with the Seniors all at that summer. It was amazing to see. Ironic that at the same time the Milk Race was happening, the Tour de France was going on and we got daily news of how Bernard Hinault was dominating that years race. Little did we know Greg's future would collide with Hinault's in such a big way.

I've always believed in Greg and what Greg has stood for. I'm sooo happy that the other cheater has been erased from the record books. Let's continue to celebrate the only American winner of the Tour de France.
Tex69 said…
@Doug, great commentary Doug. The long record has now shown that Greg was the first and only great Tour champion. I suspect that all the rest of Lance's generation were all on the juice, but I feel very confident that Greg won a l'eau clair.

And you didn't see me racing with Frankie Andreau or George Hincapie, guys almost my age. I was listening to heavy metal and generally doing nothing. Chapeau to you, Doug.

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