Why am I frowning?

I am frowning, in fact, because Pondero is putting on a gravel ride and I can't go. He's smiling because he gets to put one on and have some of his bike friends roll 50 miles of Texas gravel bliss. It happens to fall on the closing weekend of the school semester and on the same weekend as our church choir concert, so no Pondero-ing will I make.

I'm also frowning because the rides have been fewer in 2012 and fewer of those rides have been those soul-cleansing, out-in-the-country get lost rides.I'm feeling a it penned in bike-wise to be honest, and that makes me frown a bit.


Pondero said…
I have occasionally wondered about changing the date of the Ramble to about mid-November. It seems a prettier time. I wonder if it would be a convenient time for others.

Of course, if I knew you were coming, we could try to round up some folks for a group ride.

So head west when you can, my friend.
Tex69 said…
Seems like an appropriate birthday trip sometime in the future, as mine is 11/15. I could definitely be tempted.

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