USGP 'cross

I decided over the weekend that I want to become a ride whore. I don't actually have the time to be a mileage whore, which is the preferred means of expressing a cycling obsession. Instead, I'm going to try and ride as many days as I can, whether it be a century or a 2m coffee run. Just Ride! After getting back from a soccer tourney in Evansville I hopped on the Sogn and went down to the USGP Derby City Cup, where I met up with Timothy and later Patrick. We roamed around and took in as many of the hot spots that we could. I took a lot of pictures, most of which suck, but that's alright. It was fun and a teeny bit motivating, seeing all those fit bodies out there. Below are a few images. Enjoy!

Katie Compton using some mojo to keep up straight on the nasty tight downslope turn.

Suffer Face amid the trees of Eva Bandman Cyclocross Park

Canadian Emily Batty is a very talented rider.

Old man Tim Johnson leads through first sand run on first lap. I think he finished 4th.

Rawland Sogn along the Butchertown Greenway


Pondero said…
Lot's like a great time. I haven't been to a cyclocross race in TOO LONG.

For me, it's not about mileage, it's about hours. That said, I would like those hours distributed across a goodly number of days...

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