Bike to Beat Cancer

I've never participated nor posted one of these "DONATE" posts before, but this is the first time for me doing Bike to Beat Cancer. Many readers here are cyclist types (not all), and two recent cancer issues have brought the issue to the fore. The first is a 30 year-old former student and friend who had femur cancer and more recently had polyps removed from his lungs. The second is the little brother of one of my tennis players who is battling the second case of leukemia. These are both close to home, so I decided to use my bike hobby and give back a bit.

We'll be doing the 65 on September 21, with one of our team being one of the cancer survivors. I'm asking for any kind of donation you feel comfortable with, $5 or $500. The funds are earmarked for the children's treatment center here in Louisville.

Our team name is 'Om Nashi Me' and you can find the team site here:

You can also find me via my own name: Tim Smith

If you find this intrusive, I'm sorry, but I love bikes and given these two instances close to home, I'm happy to support this cause.

Thanks and peace,

Tim Smith


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