Mas Mileage w/ Tri-men

Drew H and I had been discussing a Monday ride on the holiday, and he mentioned some potential joiners. When I got to Big Rock, I saw three hearty, fit-looking cyclists, a couple in full Tri regalia. Hmm, not exactly my usual crew of bags, sacks, sandals and coffee stops. I was a little daunted at the decision to wear my Keens, but, Oh Well. We did what amounted to a Cherokee-Riverwalk ride with some extra dumb mileage in Seneca. It so happened that our route corresponded with the Mayors Hike-n-Bike, so on our return we rolled in to the raving horde for a few before the group ran left wrong way on Northwestern Pkwy while we took the traditional Bank St. Those big group rides make me nervous. Drew and I finished up with some miles in Seneca and St. Matthews to get us to 40. We had lost two of his tri friends in the melee, so we found them at the finish. His third friend, Dave, who just finished Ironman, tailed off in Cherokee to take a call, but he more or less rode with Drew the entire day, with me jumping a bit between groups to keep the route together.

It was certainly a different experience, rolling at pace in larger gears, than my usual strolling. Drew is coming along nicely in his training for our Cancer ride in a few weeks. More on that shortly.


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