Sunny West Loop, aka, la inundacion, aka un refresco muy bonito!!

Day started with some garage flooding cleaning, in addition to some post-snow rocksaltallovertheplace cleaning. IH came by. He's going to borrow the FrakenTrekSS for a couple weeks to see how he likes road bikes. He's looking for an all-rounder and his mtbike got stolen several years ago. Imagine being without a bike for several years. Shoot me.

Took a spin on the Jones.

His new puppy, Neha, decided to attack my pants. Cutie.

I met Mr.Crowell for a spin in the sunshine (60F+!!) and we both did the single-speed thing. The QB was excellent all-round as we headed west where it's rather flat. Eventually we circled back around and finished the afternoon at Great Flood, ruminating on bikes, plans, bikes, and plans.  I had begun the day in a black mood- work has me pretty bent out of shape at the moment- but after an afternoon of bike organization, riding, beer, and more bike commerce, the day ended very well. 

Seneca golf course. That would be a tough up-and-down.

You can seen the ditch full of water to the right of the train. I suspect the river was at or above track level at some point. It's supposed to rise even higher later this week.

To the left is a fork of the Riverwalk. That would be a tough ride and the moment. From here you're practically even with the barge. Wacky.

The day finished with some bike biz, in this case the sale of my 1989 C'dale 'Criterium' to a young hipster couple, I think for the girlfriend. I stopped riding this bike in the mid-90's when I bought the RB-1. I find this bike to be a misery after about 2hrs and wanted something for longer distances. It went to my uncle more recently for a bit, but he found it uncomfy too. While we all live a little too much by the N+1 principle, I'm ready to pare down a bit. With this sale and the potential sale of the SSFrankenTrek, that'll be 2 out  and close to a more manageable stable.


Doug said…
I'd like to see more of that Jones!
Tim Smith said…
@Doug, we'll get there.

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