Mas nieve, Mas gordo

Happened again. What a late winter! The forecasts were coming in over the week that we were going to have an "event" and, indeed, we did. I never actually measured at home, but the official total is 11.9" of snow, with less downtown and 14+ at the local NWS office. Portions of Central KY received a foot and half of March snow. Amazing. I got out earliesh to explore a bit and see how much snow-riding/fatbiking I was going to do. On the street of near-1' totals unless I was in a car track I was going *nowhere*. Amazing even with all that float a foot of snow if not easily defeated.  I toured the neighborhood, finding a nearby 5th-class city much improved with its plowed roads instead of the big city's boodoggle. As often the case I ended up at Breadworks for some much needed supplies. I realized pretty early on that I didn't have the feet taken care of enough, and that was my easy excuse to do nothing more than a short coffee ride instead of something more adventurous. That's how it goes sometimes.

Plowed street

Fat tracks

The home street in its snowy, mushy bliss.

Conditions on the day were all over the place, as I've found snowbiking to be. It's hard to describe every possible surface and every possible (medium to slow) speed. I've learned to stay the hell away from the tire-sucking mush. Peanutbuttery gross.  After my Herculean outing  I came home and shoveled and cleaned off cars, doing a better home-owning job that usual. And this is after I cleaned out the gutters on Wednesday in anticipation of the needed flow. Hope we have no more leaks like a week ago.


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