Tuesday, March 31, 2015


2015- 579 (Blueridge 181)
2014- 340 (Mukluk 181)
2013- 861 (Sogn 223)
2012- 631 (196 Blueridge)
2011- 912 (Crosscheck 194)

It's felt like I haven't been on my bike in months, like maybe I might have sort of ridden a bike a while ago, maybe. And that's what I like about mycyclinglog, when it works; I can crunch actual numbers. That 2011 jumps out, almost 1k worth of riding in the winter months and into tennis season. I make excuses that the boys' schedules impact my riding, but Z was a freshman that winter and would have had lots of club soccer activities in the early spring, in addition to my usual tennis. I took a peek at 2011 to find lots of RCCS activity, during which DavidC and I were organizing gravel events on the weekends and in between doing 40-milers like nothing. Now there is the combo of other activities and excuses.

It's just that, excuses.

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