Sunday, December 28, 2008

bike not walk

I have regularly regaled my dear readers of many pleasant cycling experiences I've had at the in-laws in Maysville, but for our quick trip this year I didn't have the chance to bike. With a short trip leaving Friday and returning Saturday, and with that time filled with either functions or forecasts of heavy rain, I chose to not take the bike with me. Without a mount, I awoke Saturday morning with no precipitation and temps of almost 70F. Damn! Although I did not have the fortune, nor the hardware, to put together a 2-wheeled romp, I did alight on foot for a local 4.4 miler on roads that I jogged way back in the day when I jogged. The only 2 things of note where firstly, that a strong, warm, enveloping wind pounded me from the south. It provided resistence training while walking south and certain comfort on the northerly portions of my route. Secondly, I had on a pair of cheap, old, holey socks, ones of no consequence, but ones that would contribute to not one but two blisters on my left foot, the larger being a blood blister. Tasty! I have weak feet and blister easily, but come on. I enjoyed the jaunt and had the chance to listen to both a Sound Opinions and part of a Radiolab podcast.

It still would've made for an amazing bike day.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you missed out on a good ride in perfect weather.

I rode about 17 miles yesterday. Not a really long distance, but it was enjoyable.

At least you did get to go out and enjoy being outdoors!

Unknown said...

My wife loves Radiolab. Which show did you listen to?

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